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The Adam & Eve Story

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The Adam & Eve Story

This torrent pack contains a CIA declassified sanitized document + the rare uncensored full version.


In 1966, the CIA banned a book called 'The Adam And Eve Story: The History of Cataclysms'. What were they hiding? Well now you can help figure it out!
The book is about crustal displacement, but not the one you may be familiar with. It is also about compressed episodic magnetic pole flips, where the poles flip back and forth on very brief time-scales. The book is highly speculative and highly entertaining.

The CIA link:

The CIA banned the book in 1996. Chan Thomas was the fake name of the writer. When the book was re-released in 2013, it was missing 57 pages. It says so right at the bottom of the CIA'S own webpage.

What's the difference for the CIA version:

- Includes three additional chapters: Cataclysms Revisited, Conclusion, and The Author

- Cataclysms Revisited from Page 63 to page 118, just prior to Conclusion India, Greece, Egypt and the entire end section.

- The Book is divided into two sessions: The Adam and Eve Story with 127 pages and the Aftermath of Adam and Eve Story with 85 pages, totaling 212 pages

Chapters of The Adam and Eve Story

- The Next Cataclysm

- The Great Floods

- The Story

- The Events

- Genesis

- Cataclysms Revisited

- Conclusion

- The Author

Aftermath of Adam and Eve Story

- Our Precursor

- Evolution

- Jesus the History

- Angels and UFOs

- Jesus and Cataclysms

- Afterthoughts

- Postlude

- Aftereffects

- The Author

- Recommended Reading

- What's Happening to Our Magnetic Field

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