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trying to upload a torrent

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trying to upload a torrent

I am getting a "500 Internal Server Error" when trying to upload a torrent. I don't know why. I tried making a .zip file since I thought it could be because there are many files (~8500), but it didn't help. Any help would be appreciated.

The torrent file is at:

What happens when you try it with no description?

There may be a bug in the description parsing function.

Uploaded the torrent successfully ...

... without issue, and changed ownership to you. Since the site software was written by perfect people, the error can only be attributed to something you did.


I have added on the description without issue. So apparently it is the description parsing function only when adding a torrent and not when editing a torrent or the apostrophe in the torrent filename (which I noticed was removed).

The description parsing error occurs with initial upload ...

... and edits. Apostrophes in file names are not a good idea, but should not cause a choke. It was most likely another bug which, for security reasons, cannot be discussed.


Just wondering if we have UDP anymore on the tracker


Yes, but UDP doesn't use "announce"

The UDP URL is udp://

Cool thanks, that's all set now..

.. but ..
udp:// is still giving me invalid URL
Using the classic µTorrent v1.6.1 beta 490 on the latest Windows OS
Pinhole set and Port Forwarding all check out incoming and outgoing for UDP and HTTP on both router and windows firewall.
In fact all UDP URLs in and outside of are giving me invalid URL as a response is that an ISP or a program or an OS thing? Enlighten me.
No idea how long that has been going on for. HTTP is smooth.

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