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Plant Life DVD-ROM - [ The Induction Series ] - The Private Life of Plants BBC

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Induction Into Power - Plant Life ••• (Version Published May 24th 2006)

Plant Life DVD-ROM

The Private Life of Plants, from the BBC, based on the book by Richard
Attenborough, is one of the most visually stunning and ground breaking
documenatries ever produced on plants. Using time lapse phtography and
filmed in nature, the world of plants comes too life when they moves at
a speed which humans humans can percieve. By watching them we can begin
to see their intent, to see through the eyes of plants.

All episode are provided in resonably high quality to help preserve the
visual experience. For those who want to experince teh series in all its
glory, the retail DVD is highly recommended. Enjoy and copy freely.

Medium Quality DivX Rips, AC3 sound, 5.5 Hours

Disc Contents •••

All Six Episodes (

Part 1, Travelling - This episode shows how plants travel from place to
place: as seeds, by growing or by being carried by wind and water.

Part 2, Growing - This episode demonstrates the ways in which plants
combine various elements to make living tissues — even trapping insects
when other food is scarce

Part 3, Flowering - The different methods by which plants reproduce are
detailed in this episode. Some use sophisticated mechanisms like mimicry,
traps, perfumes, and "landing platforms" for insects to transfer pollen
from one plant to the next. Others rely on the wind, but all try to avoid

Part 4, The Social Struggle - This programme explains the strategies that
plants use to win in a competitive environment. They need to get sunlight,
so many climb as high as possible. Others rely on being there first, claim
fertile ground quickly and thereby making it hard for other plants to

Part 5, Living Together - This describes various mechanisms of symbiosis:
mutually beneficial or exploitative. It explains in detail, for example,
how many plants recruit ants to defend themselves against insects or even
competing plants, and provide them with specially adapted food and shelter
in return.

Part 6, Surviving - This episode shows plants living in extreme environments
such as the Arctic and Antarctic, extremely high altitudes, the deep ocean
and deserts. These plants have special adaptations to their environment.


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On The Induction Series •••

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Extra Special Thanks •••

This diSc is dedicated to Richard Attenborough, who's work I have enjoyed since
I was kid, and to Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, the authors "The Secret
Life of Plants", a wonderful book which presented the idea that plants are
sentient and have physical, emotional and spiritual lives along with humans.

--------------------- • ----------------------

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.



Plant Life DVD-ROM
The Private Life of Plants, from the BBC, based on the book by Richard Attenborough,

no.. no it's NOT Richard Attenborough's Sir David Attenborough! they were brothers David is dead and also was never into nature stuff he was an actor and director...

Ok, good to know. I just copied and pasted that from the original induction series torrent.

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Ok, good to know. I just copied and pasted that from the original induction series torrent.

am here to help! you'll see that once you can get past my natural Scottish sarcastic twattery :P