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Superfood Juicing Raw Cannabis for Highest Health Benefit [pack]

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Superfood Juicing Raw Cannabis for Highest Health Benefit [pack] Did you know you can juice cannabis without getting ‘stoned’ and enjoy all the benefits that are inherent in this incredible plant? “If cannabis were discovered in an Amazon rain forest today, I think people would be clamouring to make as much use as they could of all the potential benefits of the plant, I think unfortunately it carries with it, a long history of being a persecuted plant.” - Donald I. Abrams, Chief Haematology Oncology. Cannabis is actually a vegetable, prior to human interference, and has ’34 million’ years of evolution that can be seen as a dietary essential that helps our cells function the best way they can. Cannabis can prevent depression, seizures, and cancer, and it is a medicinal plant that can be added to your green-juices and smoothies to boost their nutritional power for overall health. One woman even used raw cannabis juice to replace 40 toxic pharmaceutical medications and boost her body back to health. Dr. William Courtney of California recommends juicing raw cannabis leaves. Here is one simple recipe you can follow – of course adding any additional juicing greens you like, such as kale, spinach, bok choy, etc. Tips on Juicing Marijuana 1. Obtain cannabis leaves from a legal dispensary in one of 23 states in the US or a foreign source, such as Amsterdam, when you travel. 2. Next, remove the stems. You will then rinse, soak and rinse the leaves again. This is to be sure the leaves are cleared of residual pesticides if used in growing the plant. 3. Add a heaping handful of cannabis leavesto a blender with one cup of juice or water. Water is preferred, since many juices are GMO and also full of refined sugar. Blend until all ingredients liquefy. 4. Strain the contents into a sieve, unless you can tolerate the extra fiber of the leaves – it is actually good for you, too. Drink up. You can store remaining cannabis juice in glass jars in your fridge. Just be sure to top them off so that the juice doesn’t oxidise as quickly. Pouring the liquid into ice trays to freeze them is also an option, then defrost when you are ready to drink them again. To maintain the highest freshness, and healing properties, use only juice that has been stored in the freezer for a maximum of two weeks before making a new batch. Composition and therapeutic properties of the raw marijuana juice In natural form, marijuana is a super-nutrient, rich in essential nutrients capable of preventing and healing many diseases, since we can not synthesize these essential nutrients: essential fatty acids, essential amino-acids, fibers, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, carotenoids, terpenes,... without forgetting the renowned phyto-cannabinoid acids. Humans have an endogenous cannabinoid system that controls many cell functions. 525 different molecules have been identified in the cannabis plant. Some of them act as modulators, facilitating the regulation of the cell physiology of the endogenous cannabinoid system. The main component found in raw cannabis plants is THCA, which – along with other phyto-cannabinoids – interact with the immune system. Recently harvested marijuana plants also contain cannabinoids in acid form: THCA, CBDA, CBGA...which are non-psychoactive. audio Cannabis Benefits Raw Juicing THCA, CBDA Receptor Stimulation Marijuana Benefits.mp3 Cannabis Juice - How to Heal Almost Any Disease.mp3 Juicing Cannabis for Healing 12-16-2014.mp3 docs 4 Tips on Juicing Cannabis for Better Health.pdf AZs Marijuana Laws Ryan Hurley.pdf cannabis extract report.pdf Cannabis Hemp Guide 2015 June.pdf CMJAN14.pdf kristen.pdf Medical Marijuana Patient Handbook Mass.pdf NATURE'S HEALING POWER THROUGH FOOD.pdf Sana Hemp Juice brochure.pdf Smith.pdf Submission 95 Cannabis Community of Victoria 07 06 15.pdf The Medical Marijuana Handbook FREE DOWNLOAD OF 3 CHAPTERS.pdf ebooks Cannabis and Cancer - Justin Kander.pdf Cannabis Grow Tips from SoftSecrets 2003-2006.pdf Cannabis The Genus Cannabis _ Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Industrial Profiles.pdf Dr Courtney’s Raw Cannabis Juice.pdf Growing Elite Marijuana _ The Complete Guide - Rian Riley.pdf Growing for Dummies by Bart B.pdf Growing Marijuana Indoors in Colorado.pdf Healing Yourself with Cannabis Oil.pdf Hemp Diseases and Pests _ Management and Biological Control.pdf High Times Cannabis Cookbook.pdf Marijauna Grow Basics - Jorge Cervantes.pdf Medicinal Cannabis Therapy.pdf Organic Marijuana Soma Style by Soma.pdf The Cellular and Molecular Biology of Cannabis Sativa for Growers and Gardeners.pdf The Handbook of Cannabis Therapeutics from Bench to Bedside, 2006.pdf Ultimate Strain Guide CANNABIS.pdf videos 100% Legal Raw Cannabis CBD Rich Green Juice & More from Expo East 2015.mp4 Cannabis Juice Interview - what is new.mp4 Curing Cancer and Other Diseases by Whole Plant Cannabis Juicing.mp4 Dr William Courtney and the dietary benefits of raw cannabis Pt 1.mp4 Dr William Courtney and the dietary benefits of raw cannabis Pt 2.mp4 How I Got High for 10 Hours on Raw Cannabis Leaves.mp4 How to Grow Organic Cannabis Indoors.mp4 Indoor Grow Room 2013 Juicing Dieseltonic, CBD Rich Cannabis.mp4 Juicing Raw Cannabis for Highest Health Benefit.mp4 Juicing with Cannabis for Essential Nutrition.mp4 Raw Cannabis - A Superfood Leafy Green Vegetable Money Can't Buy.mp4 Raw Cannabis Advantages - William Courtney, MD.mp4 The Power of Juicing RAW Cannabis - Dr William Courtney.mp4 tags: cannabis, juicing, health, healing, cure, cancer, marihuana, medical
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