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This Creepy Illuminati Puzzle Arrived in Our Mail 11B X 1371

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This Creepy Illuminati Puzzle Arrived in Our Mail 11B X 1371 You Are Already Dead While the tech website GadgetZZ did not publish information about a CD they received at their Swedish Post office Box until last week, they actually received it months ago. The CD apparently contains hidden clues to some type of puzzle and starts off with a man wearing a mask similar to those worn by "plague doctors" in Europe back in the 17th century during the Bubonic Plague outbreak. After publishing a video of what was contained on the CD and asking their readers to help decode it, some very disturbing things were found by keen-eyed observers, one of which was a Reddit user that decided to run it the sound through a spectrogram which brought out a message of "You are already dead." - Shown below (GadgetZZ Update 1 - Spectogram image) [MAJOR UPDATE] Stefan Stanford downloaded a spectrograph and ran the video through it, we have made a decision to not create a video of the images hidden within the sounds to show the entire thing here at ANP........ the images do show the screen grab from above, but after that there are sickening graphic images of cut up bodies, and further images of people being tortured, as well as the words "we are the anti-virus." By the second update as readers continued to try to decode the images, sounds and content of the video made from the CD, one stated "“E2-E3 D1-F3 F1-C4 F3xF7” below and to their left at 1:37. This is a four-move checkmate in chess if that helps at all." By the third update, the GadgetZZ author asserts "this is where it starts to get seriously creepy." Yeah this is creepy... 33 38 2e 38 39 37 37 30 39 2c 2d 37 37 2e 30 33 36 35 34 33 Coded GPS coordinates: 38.897709,-77.036543 The White House, W Executive Ave NW, Washington, DC 20502 Another reader kindly screencapped all the images at put them up at Imgur, and can be seen here. Via GadgetZZ: But the sickest part is that when decoding images from the sound, disturbing images where uncovered.. Basically what looks like women being tortured, or something.. That’s obviously NSFW, so I won’t post it, but you can find it easily if you look around a bit. Now there are so many theories about this. Some say Illuminati, some say serial killer or even a threat directed at me. Perhaps, perhaps not, but I am highly skeptical. It makes sense to send it to me if it’s an elaborate joke or experiment, but if it were a serious threat I doubt it would be sent to a tech blog. I highlighted some of the details but there is more on this at the GadgetZZ website. Interestingly, after researching more GadgetZZ found out the following (Stated in the 4th update): It seems the first place this was posted to has been found. A post on the ‘paranormal’ board on the imageboard 4chan. This was one the 9th of May. Possibly that was the person who made it, but the post says that the CD was found on a park bench. Either way, it makes me wonder even more how it ended up in my mail. Whatever this is meant as, a warning, a threat or a sick joke, a lot of time and effort went into the making of this. --- Don't worry, it's just a game. A game about your life. But alas, the grim reaper is at your doorstep, bringing death to the children of Babylon. Can you solve the riddle and live, or will you fail and die? Can you unmask the transhumanist technology trying to take over your body in time? Will you be able to unmask the aliens and demons hiding behind your leaders, pulling their strings? Will you be able to ward off morgellon-nanotechnology-fibers invading your body? Are you smart enough to avoid the pitfalls of subliminal mind control technology reprogramming your mind and altering your personality? But maybe you don't even want to fight transhuman technology, maybe it has already taken over your mind, broken your will, annihilated your humanity. Your clock is ticking. Don't worry, there will be another incarnation for you, after all, it's just a dream, a cosmic computer game with many levels to play on. Only losers play on the X-Box and Playstation, escaping to a false reality, true heroes are fighting the real game, the game of life, the game within the cosmic god-mind, and nothing in a computer game could be as far out and strange as real reality. Files: 01 intro 02 This Creepy Puzzle Arrived In Our Mail 03 Part Two of the Creepy Puzzle 04 Dyson Releases 11BX1371 Inspired Recruitment Puzzle 05 Logan's Run (some clues) 06 London 2012 Olympics Occult Ritual (more clues) 07 videos art and music (even more clues) 08 audio talks on mind control 09 music with subliminal mind control 10 videos lectures (lots of clues) 11 text mystery.jpg mystery.nfo Torrent downloaded from Torrent downloaded from tags: transhuman, posthuman, mkultra, illuminati, occult, omega, new world order, antichrist, biocomputer, singularity
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