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TheBlackPacket - DocuDump #2 - 50 Documentaries About Media Manipulation (clownSEC)

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TheBlackPacket - DocuDump #2 - 50 Documentaries About Media Manipulation (clownSEC)

A collection of documentaries years in the making.

A special thanks to Ognir and the communities that give uploaders a home such as Concen, MVgroup, and yes even KAT, among others. Without them many of these documentaries would not be available.

Various volunteer members of "the black packet" have assembled online to bring these documentaries back, or add redundancy to the already existing backups.

Without education how can the public make an informed decision?
This is why we aim to keep these documentaries "well seeded" and available for all those who seek their contents.

Expect many more uploads coming soon. If you have a seedbox or are generous with your resources, please consider being part of this "black packet" by seeding as long as you can and searching out more torrents by searching 'theblackpacket'!

Documentaries Include:

BBC - The Power of Nightmares, The Rise of The Politics of Fear
BBC - The Trap - What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom
BBC Horizon (1998) - The Computer That Ate Hollywood
Bill Hicks - Censoring of Bill Hicks
CBC - Doc Zone - Hyper Parents (2014)
CBC - Doc Zone - Inside The Murdoch Empire (2012)
CBC - Doc Zone - Sexed up Kids (2012)
CBC - Doc Zone - Stressed Out Parents (2014)
CBC - Doc Zone - The Trouble With Experts (2015)
CBC The Fifth Estate - The Lies That Led To War
Consuming Kids - The Hostile Takeover of Childhood
Corporate Media Survival Guide
Democracy Now - Independent Media In A Time Of War (2003)
Derren Brown - Inside Your Mind - Subliminal Control
Derren Brown - Something Wicked This Way Comes
Derren Brown - The Assassin - Audio Commentary Explanations
Derren Brown - The Assassin - The Experiments
Discovering Psychology - Power of The Situation
Discovering Psychology - Social Reality
FEON Presents - Mind Control
Freedom From Choice (2014)
Hijacking Humanity (2008)
Human Resources - Social Engineering In The 20th Century
Militainment Inc. The Militarization of Pop Culture
Orwell Rolls in his Grave
Outfoxed - Rupert Murdochs War On Journalism
PBS Frontline - News War
PBS Frontline - The Merchants of Cool
Propaganda and the CFR - Behind The Big News
Psywar - The Real Battlefield Is The Mind
Spin - Behind the scenes of mainstream media
Starsuckers - A Culture Obsessed By Celebrity (2009)
The Art of Deception
The Century Of The Self
The War on Kids (2009)
Tranquility Bay - WWASP Behaviour Modification Camps (2005)
Weapons of Mass Deception (2004)


Not working at all for me, no activity for days, never was any.

I'm downloading it right now without problems. Check your client. Are there problems with other torrents? Are you using Deluge? I found that Deluge has issues with large torrents.

THanks nibs for the report. I think my temp torrent folder has too many little torrent files in it, it's confusing something, but even after I've had zero seeds or peers, so idk. Not Deluge, some problem of unknown nature.

I mean even after I cleared some out so the operating system could deal with it, I still have no seeds or peers. It says there are some in the swarm, but not reachable for some reason. Torrent looks like it has some sort of private flag set so I can' t change options such as allow peer discovery... If you're seeding and have nothing against the idea, pm an IP address or something, I can plug that in to get started perhaps.

...then restart your bittorrent client. If that doesn't work, but other torrents work, it could be the fact that this torrent is over 30GB.

None of the above problems.

In fact I had it on my seedbox until just a couple of hours ago.

thanks for uploading

Glad you all enjoyed the upload! Anyone having problems, please check your firewall and or port configuration. I have had this on a seedbox since the beginning, lots of downloads :)