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Passionate Eye part 4

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And still they come!

After the Wave: The tsunami on the day after Christmas in 2004 in Thailand. Unlike some newer misguided documentaries, this one doesn't try to show the epicenter off the coast at Phuket. Oops. I guess I meant you, Chaos Caught on Camera, series 1 episode 10. Not to be confused with the Passionate Eye's Mega-Tsunami fearumentary, to be posted sooner or later.

Apple's Broken Promises: No, not the limitations of AppleCare, but an exposé of factories in Asia where iPhones are made.

Gunned Down: Canadian anti-gun, anti-USA propaganda featuring the co-opted NRA as whipping boy cum strawman.

OJ: Trial of the Century: A look back at the media circus. If the glove does not fit, you must acquit.

Prince Harry at 30: A celebration of the fascist fuckhead who "volunteered" to protect the opium fields in Afghanistan as the future king of idiocy. Prince Heroin, amirite? Not much more complex than Harry's Antarctic Adventure, and in many ways inferior to that masturbation session.

Private Violence: Domestic violence against women in North America, mainly in the USA. All about how the law isn't strict enough to protect women from men.

Queen's Mother-in-Law: Another in a series of masturbatory pieces lauding the London-based "royal family" who own Canada.

Richard III: King in the Car Park: About the recent exhumation of the hated hunchback English king Richard III from under a parking lot, with lots of gossip about the Canadian connexion. Obviously history repeats itself and this is the same fate which awaits Prince Heroin, see above.

Royal Scandals: Sex, sex and extramarital sex. More royal masturbation. Said to contain something about Princess Diana having sex. Did not watch.

Saving the Titanic: A Canadian take on the tragedy, containing dramatic recreations showing how engine room personnel sacrificed their own lives to save others. Not to be confused with a different Canadian Broadcasting Corporation fictional documentary about the really Canadian connexions, to be posted at a later time.

Turning 32: Canadian filmmakers capture the dramatic changes in the lives of five young adults from around the world. Who were they at age 16, and who are they now at age 32?


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