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Disclosure Project Intelligence Archive

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Disclosure Project Intelligence Archive

The Disclosure Project Intelligence Archive is available NOW for FREE:

In 2022, Dr. Greer was asked by senior members in Senate Intelligence to provide information about the UFO/UAP subject. This archive is the result of that request. This collection contains over 33 years of Dr. Greer’s extensive research and evidence from military and government contractor whistleblowers. This archive is a work in progress and will continue to be refined and expanded as time goes on.

Dear Friends of Disclosure:

"My archive team has been working tirelessly over the past year and a half to digitize 33 years of my research containing thousands of documents, videos and photographs for the highly anticipated release of the Disclosure Project Intelligence Archive (DPIA).

Creating the database and website is a complex task involving development of a unique, customized database that can house the vast amount of material and link it to a specialized website that the public can access. " - Dr. Steven Greer


does any of it seem legit?
or just a random hodge-podge of stories that don't match up?

There's a considerable range

There's a considerable range of material - from documents concerning the CIA and NSA, which were quite interesting. Other stuff looks like it is a hodge-podge on the beta-test of the launch of this website, but for anybody who is actually interested in the UFO phenomenon and whistleblower testimony, I think they will find lots of material to look into and research more etc.

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