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You’re Not Poor…You’re Getting ROBBED!

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You’re Not Poor…You’re Getting ROBBED!

Found these good ones on mortgage topic to share. thanks!
You’re Not Poor…You’re Getting ROBBED!

The Great British Mortgage Swindle – A Film By The Michaels of Bernicia & Deira

It's not enough that

It's not enough that banksters create money from nothing. Now they're creating fraudulent debt and using it as an excuse to seize property! Their fellow greeps in power are helping them do it. Corrupt judges are tossing out civil cases as "without merit". Police are refusing to file charges despite irrefutable evidence of fraud.

In the past, greeps needed to conceal their corruption or be taken out. These days they're right out in the open. That can mean two things: greeps and their enablers are now the majority, or the rest of us are too feckless to stop them.


I have no idea why (who knows how YouTube actually works?) but I was recommended a VANNtastic video about mortgages about a year ago which showed how to pay offf your mortgage using the same formula shown on her white board. I don't have a mortgage but sent it to my sister who has several and would have benefited more than most but trying to get her to watch it was like playing Roddy Piper. If she saw it posted my some person she had never met who had friended her on Fakebook, no doubt she would have sat up and taken notice but not her deranged older brother.

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