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Hey, all. Been almost 10 years!

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Hey, all. Been almost 10 years!

Haven't been here in a while. Dipped out in 2015, I think. Election stuff just got to be too much.
Anyone remember me from the Dubya and Obama years?
Anyway, thought I'd drop into say hi and see how everything's going.
I also gave away torrentday invites to people who seemed like they deserved them. I still have a few of those. Don't ask me for them now. I'll hang around, check how everything's going here, see if any old friends are left or if I can make any new ones, then figure out how to handle that stuff.

Hope all's well for most of you.

TorrentDay, yes that's the one!

Hey, welcome back! Your nickname looks familiar, but I think I wasn't really around back in 2015, or thereabouts. I came back in 2019 or so. It looks like you posted a lot on the old forums back then. I probably have a few TD invites as well!

Yeah, I posted A LOT for a

Yeah, I posted A LOT for a long time, for the years I was hanging out here I was usually one of the most prolific posters. Mostly dealing w/ 9/11, MIC, alternative medicine, survival, and surveillance state stuff.

I went to an Alex Jones 9/11 protest in NYC and the world premiere of his film Endgame back in 2007, that was when I was most active here, from like 2006-2014. Not much of a Jones fan, I barely even knew who he was when I went, I just knew that the official 9/11 story is bullshit and wanted to make a bunch of noise in nyc because of it. We marched from times square to just outside FOX news building and harassed the shit out of the bobbleheads during an outdoor broadcast (mostly Geraldo.) Jones got arrested, then people decided to march to the police station, and that's when I left, 'cause standing outside of a cop shop waiting for a "celebrity" who got arrested because he made them arrest him wasn't my idea of a good time and was definitely not what I showed up for.



Good of you to drop in and say hello. I'm hoping we've done more than make noise since we've last engaged.

Great to see you back!

This place could always use more torrents. Please sir, can we have some more?


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