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Handbrake Compressing Video Presets

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Handbrake Compressing Video Presets


Just found this article about compressing videos to smallest size with Handbrake (wish I had found it earlier, might help uploading here)

I tested various presets and found this the best so far (with a 4 year old Nvidia card)
On average, minus 90-95% size for good enough quality video.

Summary Tab:
Dimensions Tab:
Filters Tab:
Video Tab:
Audio Tab:
Subtitles Tab:
Chapters Tab:
Save Preset:

1 - Video

Video Encoder : (AV1 10-bit (SVT)
FrameRates (FPS) : Same as source / Constant Framerate
Quality : Constant QUality: 60 RF
Encoder Options:
Encoder Preset : 12
Encoder Tune: None
Fast Decode (unticked)
Encoder Profile: Auto
Encoder level: Auto

2 - Audio

Source (unchanged)
Codec: AAC (avcodec)
Bitrate: 96
Mixdown: Mono
Samplerate: Auto
Gain: 0
DRC: 0

3 - Summary

Format: MKV
Passthru Common Metadata (unticked)
Tracks: AV 10-bit (SVT), Same as source FPS CRF AAC (avcodec), Mono
No Chapter markers
Filters: Decomb
Size: 640x360 storage, 640x360 display


How to Extract files from multiple folders in 30 seconds

This too to spare digging into many subfolders (like the Encycopedia Censoria)


I just installed Handbrake again the other week to try and see if I could figure out how to use it, especially for x265 encoding.

Thank you for the great uploads!

Had been looking for years for the right preset to shrink old local drives of the extra used space!
Fortunately someone on reddit shared it.
It might also work without nvidia card but might
take more time to process.

Also found this solution for big data storage:
How I saved 20 TERABYTES with one basic Script (Updated 2019, HEVC)
Did not test it myself as haven't that much but might help guys with huge storage loads.
He uses a script on github

Cheers and thanks again for the great work!

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