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Channeling: A Bridge to the Beyond (GAIA)

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Channeling: A Bridge to the Beyond (GAIA)

Channeling: A Bridge to the Beyond
1 Season . 10 Episodes
Explore everything from the histories of trance channeling to the possibilities of quantum entanglement with experts like Darryl Anka (Bashar), Sheila Gillette (THEO), Matias De Stefano, and more in this exclusive Gaia Original series. Follow series to get notifications about each new episode.

Does anyone have this to share?

I'm SURE someone who will

I'm SURE someone who will read this will have access to the GAIA material and can assist. :-)

I'm not too keen on many internet self claiming chaneller types - but I've watch Daryl Anka since he was doing events in peoples living rooms in California....

I've also had my own INCREDIBLY intense events sat around a table where ASTONISHING shit went on - way beyond one person chatting away to a cosmic "source"...

If anyone out there wants to finance a documentary that will make people question everything - pls get in touch.


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