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Protecting high level government officials

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Protecting high level government officials

So what's up with the recent "security beaches" in the White House?

They would like us to believe that security flaws are to blame and that we need an overhaul of the system (i.e more money put in the shitstem $), and thus more FEAR of terrorists sneaking up on government official in places that are supposed to be safe.

And then, just like that, the federal Canadian Parliament (Canada's White House, sort to speak) gets busted in by a "terrorist", proving that they are everywhere and well organised, capable of breaching high level government buildings, everywhere.

Do you believe all this is random?

Are them terrorists so well organised, or are we being played again?

Easy Skanking

What do you mean again? It's all theater for the public to keep them from seeing what's really going on.

well said easy.

well said easy.

About the only thing these guys got right...
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