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VICE News Presents: Cult of Elon (2023)

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Follow the success of Musk and Tesla and look at how he developed a ferociously strong cult of personality on the way to becoming one of the most well-known and divisive businessmen.

Producers: Steven Bartus, Jason Koebler, Scott Mulligan, Arlissa Norman, Stacey Sommer, Maral Usefi
Cinematographers: Ben Bishop, Dan Cain, Zach Caldwell, Brian Dawson, Alli Gooch, Ryan Gross, Hiroshi Hara, Edoardo Marino, Karl Mollohan, Chris Orr
Country: USA



This might be crap, but I uploaded it anyways. I don't really know what to think of Musk, other than that he seems to be trying to do good, at least in his mind and experience. I am not sure how his Tesla and Neuralink technologies will evolve, and if our societies will properly accomodate them, but his space travel pipe dreams, such as going to Mars, are probably infeasible and mildly foolish...

TheCorsair00 wrote:

his space travel pipe dreams, such as going to Mars, are probably infeasible and mildly foolish

What do you think of the chances SpaceX will get the Starship to orbit and landing as regularly as Falcon 9?

I am not too familiar with his SpaceX work, to be totally honest - although he appears to be quite successful with his rockets and launching of all his satellites etc. He also put a car in space, which is certainly interesting! lol

The only issue I have with his going to Mars, is that I am pretty sure humans would not be able to survive the space radiation. I think humans can only survive a certain range outside Earth and the Moon, because there is like a specific energy field enveloping the area from what I understand, but any further and it's "lights out"....

yhe lied regularly about autonomous cars and autonomous driving. he lies out his ass about "hyperloop" which isn't a new idea and is over 100 years old and won't ever work due to physics. he lied about neuralink beiung ready.... three years ago.(he'll nevr get FDA permission they already said no)
he talks shite in general to be honest and somehow some people treat him like the second coming!
he gets the same treatment and his fans have the very same levekl of reality distortion field that steve jobs/apple fanbois and fangirls do.
his bullshit has caused a load of people to lose millions and he hussled the fuck out of doge coin so twitter basded securities draud for that and other shit.
he claimed that us business should e govt subsidised just after gttting billions is us govt subsidies.
claiming to know more than anyone else alive about manufacturing.. rofl!
he was found to be lying about having secured enough to take Tesla private with a share offering of $420 per share) in court.
he lied his ass off about a rescue diver being "pedo guy" because the guy told elon the submarine would not work in the tunnel system those kids were lost in.. you know.. corners and that...
it's a long long list.
in essence he's a bit of a lying cunt really

I think this was on drugs, but I had a very vivid dream about riding a hyperloop once.

Actually two, at different times. One was a single-person capsule, it went between two cities. Super fast, and I remember gliding through rich and poor areas in a glass tunnel on pylons.

The other was the size of a bus and went a bit slower. I just remember being excited to get on it.

Not sure why you think the physics won't work.

True except FDA approved neurolink for humans in May

AfterAffect wrote:

True except FDA approved neurolink for humans in May

fuck me, when did that get passed by the FDA?.. i stand corrected.. they approved trials!...
the rest still holds true ;)

Who knows about Elon. Not me.

I'd like to take him at face value, I don't really see any reason not to.

Love that they featured "Ash Martian" as a Tesla fan.
Probably a deliberate attempt to annoy Elon.

Not bad, but I think she would look better as a he!