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How to find torrents

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How to find torrents

If you follow the tips in this post, you'll find what you're looking for. Happy hunting!

*** By Title ***

This is the fastest and easiest way to find torrents. Just go to the Torrents Page (main menu, top of every page) which lists all the torrents in table form, with icons for downloading the torrent (or magnet link) directly.

The form at the top filters which torrents appear in the table by limiting what words appear or do not appear in the torrent's title. You can also select whether you want just seeded torrents, or all torrents.

You can adjust the filters by choosing Contains all words, Contains any word, Does not contain, etc. There are two title filters so you can narrow searches to exclude results you don't want.

Both filters are optional. If you leave one or both blank and set the Seeded selector to Any, the table will show all torrents on the site.

By Contents

ConCen is the only torrent site that has the ability to search torrent contents.
There are plenty of torrents here which are collections of ebooks, documentaries, whatever, that contain many files. Using this method, you can find the files contained inside torrents with ease. Great for finding the thousands of ebooks that are part of some pretty big collections here.

You can optionally use the Medium selector to choose which file type to look for: audio, video, ebook or image.

By Meta

Know the info hash of the torrent you want? Use this method.

Know the exact name of the file you want? Try using the name field, which searches the name field every torrent has. This is either the name of the top directory if there is one, or the file name of the contents if it's only a single file. This is a little used method because this info is searchable using the Contents method.


Some torrent descriptions have an NFO file (or TXT) which the uploader has attached along with the torrent file itself. This method searches the contents of those files.

Would it help to include an

Would it help to include an INFO/TXT?

additional wrote:
additional wrote:

Would it help to include an INFO/TXT?

It depends on the content. Some are scene banners that may be nice to look at (but usually not). Generally if the info in the file is informative, it can save the uploader time because he doesn't need to also upload a description.


so many Tucker'd out torrents..


please chill with the Tucker Carlson uploads

The Tucker Carlson uploads are starting to be to much. I kinda liked this site when it was just a site for conscious material. I feel this site is starting to be polluted by uploads of somebodys favorite main stream news networks political garbage. Its drowning out the rest of the torrent uploads

T Carlson


ConCen wrote:
ConCen wrote:

ConCen is the only torrent site that has the ability to search torrent contents.

Lies! OK this was probably true at the time.

If anyone wants to search torrent contents now, you can do it at

How to download a torrent?

Once I find what I want, how do I get the torrent?

Click on the link just to the

Click on the link just to the right of the icon.


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