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Global Spyware Scandal: Exposing Pegasus - FRONTLINE (2023)

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Global Spyware Scandal: Exposing Pegasus - FRONTLINE (2023)

Part 1:
Part 2:

In 2020, the journalism nonprofit Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International gained access to a leaked list of more than 50,000 phone numbers. They suspected it contained numbers selected for potential surveillance with Pegasus. The Pegasus Project reporting consortium — which was led by Forbidden Stories and included 16 other media organizations, FRONTLINE among them — found that the spyware had been used on journalists, human rights activists, the wife and fiancée of the murdered Saudi columnist Jamal Khashoggi, and others.

Over two parts, this docuseries reveals the inside story of an investigation that prompted probes by governments and institutions around the world and sparked calls for an international treaty to govern the largely unregulated spyware industry.

NSO, which has disputed some of the Pegasus Project’s reporting, says that its technology was not associated in any way with Khashoggi’s murder and that it sells Pegasus to vetted governments for “the sole purpose of preventing and investigating terror and serious crime.”

Surveillance technologies like Pegasus are “a military weapon used against civilians, and the civilians, they don’t have any mechanism to help them in seeking justice,” says Laurent Richard, founder of Forbidden Stories and Forbidden Films and one of the producers of the films.

video unavailable :(

did you save it perchance.

it's on IPT and TPB

I wasn't that interested but now that it's been banned I must watch it.

It's possible that their

It's possible that their YouTube account only has video views from North America. I am in Canada and was able to see these videos, but for some reason people choose not to share with other areas of the world. I think that's dumb, but maybe they just don't know their settings properly or something...

This is actually kinda interesting.

Back in 2015 I was reading "abovetopsecret" or one of these stupid forums, in the middle of the night, like 2am.

Suddenly my phone rang, but no-one was there. After that point, I was sure that my phone was slower.


I can confirm that AboveTopSecret is full of CIA or NSA troll accounts. They usually just do "spin writing" and try to take over a thread on a specific discussion and make it look like the majority of the people think a certain way or whatever about the subject. But I think they can more or less "follow" people with their surveillance systems and mess with their head. It's called psychological warfare. I have witnessed it first hand myself...

I am not sure I will watch this Pegasus documentary, but I just noticed it show up on my YouTube recommended list. I couldn't find it to download and thought it was only on YouTube, but I figured I'd post those links. Pegasus is much smaller in scope than, say, Echelon or something like that. The higher up surveillance stuff use technology that would blow most people's minds!

PBS Frontline

Seems almost like real journalism.

Their recent docs include a Big Oil thing and Ukraine/Russia propaganda though.


Yeah, they have always been funded by viewers and rich philanthropists, so most of their stuff is legit...

PBS? Legit? :cough: :cough:

PBS? Legit? :cough: :cough: Ahh, no… Just another propaganda arm of the state, guess you didn't see anything they put out during Convid…

Bill Moyers

I never assumed that shows like The Power of Myth with Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers were considered propaganda! lolol. But that was back in the 1980s, mind you... No I haven't followed Covid material, I find it boring!

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