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Alt Om Min Far (All About My Father) (2002)

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Young film director Even Benestad tells the story of his own father Espen Benestad who is a transvestite and seeks his son's acceptance.

Directors: Even Benestad
Writers: Even Benestad, August Baugstø Hanssen
Producers: Bjørn Eivind Aarskog, Gloria Azalde, Carsten Holst, Ola K. Hunnes
Composers: John Erik Kaada
Cinematographers: Bjørn Eivind Aarskog, Even Benestad, Øyvind Garau, Steffan Strandberg
Runtime: 1h 15mn
Country: Norway, Denmark
Language: Norwegian



Thanks! Where did you find this??

Thanks so much man.

This confirms one of my theories about transgenders - past life memories. Right at the start he describes a past life on the Titanic, having to go down with the ship because he's a man.

So he's not a woman, he just needs past life regression therapy.


Wow, that is very interesting. I have heard a fair amount of stories of people, especially children, who remember past lives and have often been comfirmed by certain details they can remember etc. And I guess there are "carry over" attributes from one life to another, if that is indeed what happens. It's too bad most people are unable to journey deep into their psyche via meditation and/or psychedelics to figure these types of things out.

I was able to find this on PassThePopcorn. I am not sure how it could have been found any other way, except maybe ordering the DVD from Norway! And all new computers don't even come equipped with a DVD drive anymore...

So far I've identified three:

1. past lives - some kids simply start telling their parents early on that they are supposed to be the other gender. The solution is not to trans them but to explain to them that they have been re-born in another body. The soul is androgynous.

2. young adults who wish to live according to the opposite binary gender stereotype. I was talking on twitter with a woman who transed because men had more interesting careers. Naturally she faced way more problems as a "trans man" than she would have as a woman.

3. Young kids whose parents misinterpret them playing with opposite gender toys. For example a young boy sees his dad cuddling his baby sister, and so he wants dolls, to imitate his father. The parents then see this as a clue he is transgender. Then the mother tells the kid that there is an operation he can have to make him a girl. This is the most heartbreaking.