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Conversion (2022)

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A psychologist practicing conversion therapy has a chance encounter with a young gay activist, resulting in his own epiphany concerning the very practice he was conducting.

Directors: Gregory Caruso
Producers: Jordan Backhus, Gregory Caruso, Dustin Cook, Gregory Dylan Harris
Composers: Paul Leonard-Morgan
Cinematographers: Powell Robinson
Runtime: 1h 3mn
Country: USA
Language: English



I am not sure how well this will go down here, but I just thought I'd give it a whirl! LOL

Once around 2006 when I was working as a therapist this gay guy came in to work on guilt about cheating on his wife with men. We used EFT, a very fast technique and cleared up the guilt in about 90 minutes.

He called me a few months later to say he’d been having the best guilt-free gay sex of his life, and wanted to come back to work on the death of his dad as a kid that had been bothering him.

Another 90 minute session working on the sadness and grief, and he called me a few months later to say he reckoned he had been looking for his fathers love in other men and was now dating only women.

Oh wow, that is super interesting. I definitely believe that most homosexuality is psychological in nature, as opposed to what might be the more popular view nowadays that people are born gay. Maybe some are, but most of it can be explained psychologically. Then it's just a matter of whether the person and/or society is comfortable with it or not...

I dress awesome, can quote many lyrics of musics, and identify as being a little bit gay. I just really love women.

That's great! I am generally supportive of all people, really.

So you mean, you are a boy (man), but has been interested in a more feminine side, like dressing up, but you are partially gay, but have been successful at being with women as a heterosexual?

BTW- I have uploaded over 1.7TB on my seedbox of that David DeAngelo archive you made....

I do not identify as "cis" though.

I'm not gay, I just wish I was queer so I could get chicks.

I guess I would just call that "bisexual", but what do I know! LMAO

or just straight with a lot of style.

I just identify as "trans" for the obvious social benefits.