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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck (2023)

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The film will explore society's obsessions with the pursuit of happiness and will be presented by Mark Manson alongside Disappointment Panda, a character from the book whose superpower is to tell people the harsh truth.

Directors: Nathan Price
Writers: Tom Blackwell, Matthew Metcalfe
Producers: Tom Blackwell, Fraser Brown, Christelle Conan, Maile Daugherty, Emma Feast, Johnny Fewings, Mark Foster, Matthew Metcalfe, Helen Parker, Peter Touche
Composers: Karl Sölve Steven
Cinematographers: Maria Ines Manchego
Runtime: 1h 37mn
Country: UK, New Zealand, USA
Language: English



And I always thought that the problem with the world was that most people don't give a fuck... but maybe I am missing something more here, and could do well with giving less of a fuck myself!

Not giving a fuck is only possible in high trust societies.

the book is good, although I prefer "Way of the Superior Man", if you are interested in this you might prefer that.

When you realize that none of this material existence is real, under your control, or related to your True Self, and of any consequence, you can become Yoga, unattached and unaffected by the operation of material nature. Then you will truly and unconditionally be able to practice the subtle art of not giving a fuck... and enjoy the bliss that lies therein, when life becomes a game, yin and yang form the circle of perfection, and everything is perfectly irrelevant. OM! ;D
Also enjoy this LSD movie:

LMAO! Thanks, I have not seen this yet...

OMG bro... how have you not seen this?!?! This movie trips me out. All I have to do is look at Ryan Reynolds smile in the midst of all that virtual chaos and the pinial activates and I am in NIRVANA. All you have to do is just believe... or rather disbelieve. And you are free to fly. Detached from discrimination, association, and the weight of the body just melts away and you become the light!
I have this poster on my phone so I can trip myself out all the time. haha!

PS: The guy in the movie says "Life is a fishbowl game. You are just watching it grow." - That is exactly the transcendental meditation by which you relinquish all control and relax in the state of true reality with complete confidence that it is always perfection.