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seedbox recommendations

just wondering what seedbox to get. what seedboxes do you use and why use them over others?


great value, fast customer service.

Hosted in the Netherlands where you are allegedly immune from copyright lawsuits.


I was using Xirvik for the longest time, but really needed an upgrade. Their server kept crashing and also they limit the amount of uploads to public trackers, like ConCen and The Pirate Bay, which I usually make all my torrents uploads for. So there wasn't anything seeding unlimited. But I switched to RapidSeedbox and have a 2TB storage and unlimited traffic etc and it's a lot better. But there are certainly a lot of options...

cheers both of you.I would

cheers both of you.I would prefer unlimited b/w for sure and easier sharing to concen


I chose their most popular seedbox package, "Rapid", which for me comes out to close to 50 bucks a month, which is almost double what I paid at Xirvik, but this seedbox handles way more and is continuously pumping out data 24/7, so it's worth it. There are several platforms for utilizing this seedbox, but the only 2 I really use and need are the FTP for uploading and downloading from the box, and the ruTorrent v3.10 which handles all of the actual making and loading torrents. I leave that open in Google Chrome all the time, mostly to monitor my current uploads etc.


Unfortunately the drive my seedbox was on failed and I lost all of my data, like upwards of 1.5 TB and all of my archived torrents for ConCen. This has happened before on another seedbox from a different company, so these places are not all immune from stuff like that happening. So I recommend to people to always have back-ups of your favorite stuff, at least! I will start over when they set up a new box again, and may try to look for reseeds for some of my older stuff!

oh shit.

Sorry to hear that. It's like a bereavement, isn't it.

I do not have a good backup policy for my seedbox.

I do cover the main bases:
* The important torrents I have backed up at home on a qtorrent that is usually not running
* Every so often I right-click "All" and "Get .torrent". On ruTorrent on the seedbox this provides a zip file of all the running torrents.
* I have a notes file on how to set up the RSS and other options

However I bet there are rare torrents that I'm the only one seeding. I should do something about that.

Another thing I should really do is automate this process somehow. There is a "rutorrent/share/users/username/torrents/" folder that I could simply rsync from my seedbox hourly, even.

At home I will at some point get a new NAS, with just one drive this time, and back it up to my old two-drive NAS which I will un-raid, since it's not the kind of redundancy I actually need. Then I might take the second NAS to my brother's house and maintain the backup over the internet.

Good idea.

Yeah, the torrents I care about most are the original rips, particularly the original DVD rips from my old computer, and many of those I was probably one of the only ones seeding. I didn't have a lot of those backed up, unfortunately. I have the actual DVDs, but who uses DVD players anymore? lol

A lot of my newer torrents are still being seeded, and probably seedboxed, so I can get those again. But the older ones are probably bye-bye! For the most part, a lot of the torrents only got a couple hundred snatches anyways, it's the larger archives that are fairly popular that are most important...

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