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Vaccine Documentary Collection - Do me a favour!

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Vaccine Documentary Collection - Do me a favour!

Would you please think of your FAVOURITE vaccine documentaries, check they are in this list and comment if you can think of something I've missed?

ALSO - if you have a HIGHER QUALITY file, link it.

mega thanks and cheers me dears

127M mp4 - 1982 DPT - Vaccine Roulette
3.5G mp4 - 1998 Vaccination - The Hidden Truth
316M avi - 2008 Vaccine Nation - Gary Null
224M mp4 - 2009 Autism - Made in the U S A - Gary Null
268M mp4 - 2009 Shots In the Dark - Silence on Vaccine
1.4G mp4 - 2010 Silent Epidemic - The Untold Story of Vaccines
1.4G mp4 - 2011 The Greater Good
1.7G mp4 - 2014 Trace Amounts
1.7G mp4 - 2015 Bought - The Movie
411M mp4 - 2015 Lethal Injection - The Story Of Vaccination
597M mp4 - 2016 VAXXED - From Coverup to Catastrophe
344M mkv - 2017 The Pathological Optimist
421M mkv - 2019 VAXXED 2 - The People's Truth

MMR Autism Connection
203M mp4 - 2002 MMR - Every Parent's Choice (BBC Panorama)
312M mp4 - 2004 MMR - What They Didn't Tell You (Dispatches)
351M mp4 - 2005 Does The MMR Jab Cause Autism (BBC Horizon)
296M mkv - 2009 Selective Hearing - Brian Deer and The GMC
152M mp4 - 2010 Autism Yesterday - Autism is Reversible

HPV Vaccines
68M mkv - 2015 Cause or Coincidence - HPV Vaccines Associated with Deaths & Disability (3D Investigates NZ)
134M mp4 - 2015 Cervical Cancer Vaccine - Is it Safe? (TV3 Ireland)
210M mp4 - 2015 The Vaccinated Girls - Sick and Betrayed (TV2 Denmark)
320M mkv - 2017 Sacrificial Virgins - The Dangers of the HPV Vaccination
248M mkv - 2018 Manufactured Crisis - HPV, Hype & Horror

I also have
Healing From Vaccines MasterClass
Real Immunity
The Truth About Vaccines
The Truth About Vaccines 2020
Vaccines Revealed
- let me know if you know of other summits that are worthwhile

Not specifically but related...
Corbett Report

Oh those are really good.

I've actually realised I want this collection to be pre-covid, since the whole vaccine truth scene changed at that point.

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