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Shadowland (2022)

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The Atlantic’s groundbreaking and prescient editorial series “Shadowland”––which reported on the increasing hold that conspiracy theories have over Americans and the threats they pose to democracy––has inspired a documentary series of the same name that will premiere on Peacock next month.

Peacock announced today that the six-part docuseries Shadowland will premiere Wednesday, September 21, with all six episodes available to watch immediately. The series––created by Academy Award–nominated filmmaker Joe Berlinger and RadicalMedia, producers of this year’s Academy Award–winning Best Documentary Feature Summer of Soul––marks the first time The Atlantic has partnered with filmmakers to produce a docuseries inspired by its reporting and featuring its journalists.

Against the backdrop of the January 6 insurrection, former President Donald Trump’s perpetuation of the Big Lie of a stolen election, and a segment of the country’s continued COVID-19 and vaccine denial, Berlinger sent documentary teams across America to uncover how conspiracy theories have moved from the margins to the mainstream, and why they are more powerful and dangerous than ever. The deeply immersive series embeds with subjects who have rejected mainstream narratives to explore how people come to their beliefs, and what makes these theories so alluring. The resulting Shadowland episodes demonstrate the influence of conspiracy thinking on the functioning of our democracy, as families, friends, and the nation are being torn apart.


I am almost certain this series is going to be quite biased against "conspiracy theories", and also extremely American, but I uploaded it here anyways because it just came out and I stumbled across it...

At 3 giggabigglies per episode I'm sure this looks lovely, but in the interests of saving hard drive space and bandwidth, I am re-encoding into 720p x265 and downmixing from 5.1 channels to 2! I've done one episode it looks fine. I will upload when done.

The presenter says her angle is asking how the major voices profit from pushing conspiracy theories.

This isn't going to get her to the truth, it's just a convenient way to automatically demonise anyone she finds.

The voices I follow aren't remotely doing this for the money. Some of them, like Del Bigtree, have done a good job at funding themselves and I'm glad they have, because it means they can produce a polished product and make a living.

Alex Jones would be equally crazy if he was doing it for free.

Episode 3 covers the "Bio-Attack" at Reawaken America.

I don't think anyone should be surprised that some people got covid... if this guy caught it and died that's a real shame - that he didn't get early treatment. He was obese, probably had other issues that made him high risk.

I thought "Reawaken America" were one of the groups pushing early treatment, Ivm, HCQ and Vitamin D etc. Certainly this series mentions MMS which will see off a case of covid.

I would have thought a "bio-attack" would have hurt more people.