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David Icke - Ickonic Documentaries and weekly Dot-Connector Podcasts

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David Icke - Ickonic Documentaries and weekly Dot-Connector Podcasts

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can please post the Ickonic Dot connector podcasts every week ?

Full show used to be uploaded for free on bitchute and other places, but now they upload only part of the show and full show can only be accessed on ickonic website.

Also if anyone has the fantastic documentaries that Ickonic makes, please also upload those too.

It's worth paying for...

Sign up for one month, every few months.

I wouldn't want to see this site rip off Ickonic, who are doing a great job spreading truth. Maybe inside a members-only area, but that's it.

Rip offs

I never really consciously want to rip anybody off. If I am uploading their stuff here, it's a compliment to them that I think it's worth sharing with people who may not have the money, or who may have not heard of the material to begin with. But some trackers have a rule that the material uploaded must not be uploaded immediately after it has been officially released to the public, to give it time for people to buy/rent it etc. That seems fair.

As far as I can remember, there are at least several Ickonic items on the tracker if you search for them.

Thanks for the Uploads

TheCorsair00, Thanks for the good work you do. and you are right, not everyone has the means to pay and not everyone may have heard of them..

Yes there are some trackers of Ickonic, just thought, considering how awesome work they do, we should have much more of their content posted often, atleast the Dot connector podcast.

I love their content too

I love their work, love David .
I wanted to join them too but I dont have a credit card and they won't accept PayPal, plus their price is kinda steep for me.
Members only area, That'll be a good idea too.

In response to zoopenhoff

That's not how piracy works. Especially for alternative media. Ask Alex Jones, there's a reason why he stopped selling his DVDs. For them it's the only way of promoting their work.

"A European Commission report on the effect of piracy on the legitimate sales of films, TV, books, music, and games has found that, eventually, piracy serves to increase the number of copies that games sell."

On the subject of downloading from Ickonic, it's very easily done and I would have done it and post it here for everybody, but they displaced my payment processor since war, so if somebody is willing to share the account with me - I can do it. Pm me, if you're interested.

go for it.

I just think it's smartest for Concen to keep these kind of things exclusive for members.


Why it's the smartest thing? What's your argument for it exactly?


There have been at least one instance where I uploaded a brand new documentary that had just come out the very day I uploaded it, one of Steven Greer's most recent releases, and he personally complained to the host site of ConCen and could have caused problems for the site. But the reason he did it is because he wanted to sell enough of the video downloads/streams to make enough money back for what he put in and possibly reach a wider audience with Netflix or something along those lines. He doesn't mind his older documentaries being out there, but if a group of people just put in a bunch of time, money and effort into a new release, they often can find it disheartening to see it released for free on the internet. I can understand why newer stuff could wait for a little while first, before going online onto BitTorrent etc.

But ultimately, I think it is better exposure for the information to just go out there, free or not - but people who liked it should think about buying it or at least there should be a way to donate via PayPal to the directors/producers etc. But on private BitTorrent sites it is more exclusive and less amounts of people than something like The Pirate Bay, so it seems at least maybe more "respectful" to have it remain private...

If that's the case then okay.

If that's the case then okay. I'm still open to doing it for members only, if there's interest.

Best Kept Secret

I was very pleased to see an upload here of Sean Stone's Ickonic docuseries 'Best Kept Secret'. I did not know about it before and probably would not have paid for it anyways, so it was okay to end up here, I think. I am pretty sure at least 2 or 3 members here have an active subscription to Ickonic, but don't know if they are willing to share it. I know it was user sonofsonny who shared some of their other stuff in the past...

I don't mind it being uploaded here, but it seems from Brian Rose's business model, he may not appreciate it being pirated, but I am not sure what to think of that exactly!

Piracy goes beyond promotion

Piracy goes beyond promotion of the content because it reaches people who wouldn't be reached without it. For example publisher in Russia said the reason he created his publishing company and started translating David Icke's work was because he saw bootlegged video of one of David's live events on what you would call proto-meme sites in the 90s. So, he didn't look for conspiracy content, he wasn't "target market", but he still found it. I know plenty of people that saw some video and the next day they bought books, because they wanted to know more in-depth stuff.

About sharing account, i have very good proxies that will imitate your city's ip, so it's indistinguishable from yours, if somebody worries about that.
And downloading process is fully anonymous, not linked to the account.

If we're going to do Ickonic

Can we do Dailywire too?

Also perhaps someone could look at

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