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Alex's War (2022) [720p x265]

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All credit to TheCorsair00 for the original upload.
I've encoded to 720p x265.

Who is Alex Jones? Is he a dangerous lunatic or a patriotic hero? Does he even believe the things he says? From beloved Austin local radio host, to outspoken critic of presidents Bush, Clinton, and Obama, to a national figure espousing incendiary conspiracy theories about 9/11, Sandy Hook, and the New World Order through his media platform, Infowars, to his instrumental role in the protests leading up to and including January 6th, Alex’s War is an unprecedented close examination of this guarded, mythic figure, and the story of the fracturing of the great American narrative—through the eyes of this man who helped break it.
Building around Jones’s first ever independent long-form interviews, behind-the-scenes footage from his studio and rallies, and full access to the Infowars archives, acclaimed director Alex Lee Moyer traces the twenty-five year rollercoaster of a career that brings him to the winter of 2020 and a monstrously manic election—a moment Jones sees not just as the culmination of his lifelong mission, but the decisive point in the fate of humanity.


Thanks, mateys!

It's a good history of Alex Jones career - and it was interesting to see that he did in fact choose being a conspiracy theorist talk show host as a specific career. It looks like he might have helped rile people up for that infamous Insurrection thing too, which I also didn't know - and it's really too bad that the documentary uses the Trump vs Biden story so much, but I guess it means so much to so many people, I will just have to accept that!

Jones was against people entering the Capitol or battling the police because he knew it would be used against them. He knew the crowd was riddled with Feds who were there to cause trouble in order to discredit anyone who questioned the election. He must have bullhorned that a thousand tines on January 6th.

I'm guessing because Moyer is so young, she isn't aware of just how long Jones has been a major anti-corruption advocate. I've been following his stuff since 1997 when he was one of the few who questioned Princess Diana's murder. I'd heard him a few times prior to that, talking about Waco and Oklahoma City, but he was quite green back then. There were better sources.

I found the part about his research into 9/11, even basically predicting it would happen beforehand based off what he was getting from the news at the time, was some of the best work he has done. The issue with Waco was also quite eye-opening, and it was amazing to see that Jones himself put together a team to rebuild a church/museum for the victims of the Waco massacre.