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Creating a Second Online Identity

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Creating a Second Online Identity

Does anyone know of a good guide for creating a second online identity?

I'm having immense trouble trying to register an icloud account, etc.

I'm using an old smart phone with a new SIM. Everything seems to work until I try to use the number to register an iCloud account. Do apple have some way of knowing it's a new number?

Ultimately all I really want is a twitter and other social media, but even that is proving problematic.

I want something that isn't traceable to me. Not for any nefarious reasons, just anonymity.

It also seems very hard to google for how to do this!

What kind of "identity"? create a trust account.

Henry at Techlore has a complete guide on how to "scrub" one's old identity from the internet (de-google, de-apple, de-socialmedia yourself).
Then you can set up a new "business" or "trust" account. a Trust can be a new name, doesn't have to use the word "trust" in the name. Here is his complete "go incognito" playlist: Here is the browser version:

Once you learn how to stop "leaking" identity information, you can then control and create "dis-info" to those you don't want tracking you (or connecting you to old identities). Without VPNs, and a hardened browser that doesn't leak info its hard to do on a desktop. Mostly impossible to do on i-phone, but android phones that are "de-googled" running open-source BraxOS or LineageOS (with a VPN) can be used with a new identity well as long as one makes a CLEAN BREAK from old Identity. smartphones are the worst offenders, and hardest to stay "clean" (separated) from one's "old business". BraxOS ( de-googled phones have dual-sims, so you can have a regular number, and another for "online" activity only.

Also: The Beginner's Guide to Data Privacy & Cybersecurity -

In the age of digital surveillance its most difficult staying ahead of the "new gold" mining of digital info.

oh this is mega

Thanks, I've bookmarked it under "worthy of study".

In fact they have a torrent which I have downloaded.


link to torrent please?

All phones have a trackable number

called IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). The number is part of the phone, independent of the SIM card. Apple accounts are always tied to hardware, so whoever bought the iPhone is the owner until the owner tells Apple otherwise.


Look up services that can provide you a phone number online like MySudo or Hushed (I think you can also have a burner Gmail and use Google Voice for free, research on that) and use them for registration purposes on websites that may require a phone number for whatever reason, I recommend you to remove said numbers at a later time if you don't stay with those services as well. I have created an account on Twitter like this in the past, and now there is no email or phone number on my account.

I guess there are ways around it, but you also have to be careful not to connect to those accounts in any way with your first online identity. One of the major issues you might face is that some of these websites may throw a fit when you login with different IP addresses. So find and use a good VPN too, Mullvad is great, and try your best to not switch locations too much, if not at all. Choose a location and stick to it for a certain purpose, but hey, do whatever you want.

There were some good links posted in this thread, you can also check out The Hitchhiker's Guide to Online Anonymity:

Good luck!

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