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Radios That Works For Free Book 1 & 2

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Radios That Work For Free Book 1

How to build Crystal Sets. This book first published in 1977, is still in print and has sold world wide since it was published. Hope and Allen Publishing hopes this E book will encourage new generations world wide to be engaged and amazed by a radio that works for free.
Radios That Work For Free Book 2

"Radios That Work For Free II" is K.E. Edwards second book. His first book "Radios That Work For Free" has been the standard for 39 years. This new book is a "how to" book for Crystal Sets that work amazingly and are beautiful. Tips and tricks for making crystal sets really work. Broadcast and Short Wave are covered with wonderful color photos. This book has been anticipated and now welcomed by Crystal Set builders world wide

Breakthrough Energy systems series
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Stanley Meyers Water Fuel Cell revolution.

Narrated by Arthur C. Clarke.
I have uploaded this video entitled "It Runs On Water" which is part of the Energy From The Vacuum DVD Series by Tom Bearden.
Make no mistake, we are on the verge of a breakthrough revolution that will shake civilization as we know it. We have all the means available to run our societies with water, or even with the ambient.
Our survivability depends then on this sort of knowledge.