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REQ- 2000 Mules (documentary) - Trailer & virutual screening link

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REQ- 2000 Mules (documentary) - Trailer & virutual screening link

D’Souza Media LLC presents a film produced by Dinesh D’Souza. Music by Bryan E. Miller. Featuring Catherine Engelbrecht, Gregg Phillips, Dennis Prager, Charlie Kirk, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Eric Metaxas, Larry Elder. Written and directed by Dinesh & Debbie D’Souza, Bruce Schooley. Executive Producers: True The Vote, Salem Media Group, Inc.

AUDIO Interview: Democrat Voter Fraud: Dinesh D'Souza Talks About His New Film '2,000 Mules'

2,000 Mules Will Blow The Lid Off of A Massive Nationwide Criminal RICO Conspiracy (Video)
In a recent Brian Cates article, he gives an in depth analysis of just how deep the voter fraud and election fraud goes.
If True The Vote Has The Evidence It Claims It Does, It’s Game Over
For more than a year and a half since the November 2020 election, debate has raged over exactly how the Democrats pulled off the rigging of the vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
Very early on in the discussion of how this happened, people like Mike Lindell, Sidney Powell, General Michael Flynn, Patrick Byrne and others seized and held attention for months as they focused much of the population’s attention like a laser on the Chinese hacking theory.
Lindell spent almost 8 months crafting a narrative in which he was going to definitively prove that hackers stole the election by electronically manipulating the vote totals in all 50 states and most counties. He made a series of boastful videos with names like “Absolute Proof” and “Absolutely 9-0” [which advanced the claim that when the Supreme Court saw the evidence he was going to present to it, all nine Justices would vote to overturn the 2020 election].
All that activity culminated in two embarrassing fiascos: a Cyber Symposium where an audience was lured into attendance based on finally being able to see the much vaunted PCAPs [they were never produced] and supposed Supreme Court filing with multiple states Attorneys General signing on to challenge the 2020 election [the filing was never made].
It may be that instead of relying on electronic manipulation of vote totals by hackers in China or some other foreign venue to steal it for Joe Biden, the Democrats relied on the old tried and true method that has served them so well in the past: good old-fashioned ballot box stuffing. But done on a level never seen before the 2020 election.
This is going to be a painful admission for many like me to make after having spent over a year chasing the rainbow of PCAPs and server images and supposed absolute proof of electronic vote totals being manipulated.


I see it requested elsewhere online. It will likely pop up somewhere at some point...

s'gonna be on RUMBLE

"This Saturday,
is about to make history by dropping his movie “2000 Mules” on Locals & Rumble instead of places like Netflix & Amazon Prime.

Independent media is the future."

I don't know... Dinesh D'Souza seems like his full of shit to me, personally. I started some of his other movies and they just ring like someone with an agenda misrepresenting things.

Is there something people can point to that he was clearly right about?

Also, more importantly.

He looks like an Indian Mr Bean.

all politics is agenda driven, but this is about a crime.

Stealing an election is a criminal sedition thing. IMHO, the whole party system needs to go and we need to got to a true third position (not left, nor right, not political, nor materialistic). Spiritual, not humanistic.
The evidence is undeniable. Sedition is a death penalty issue. There is no ignoring this issue and trying to white wash it as a "political agenda'. The sooner all people who think they can white-wash capital offenses are woken up to the fact they can no longer get away with this kind of criminal activities, the sooner we will get to self-governing, responsible and peace-loving co-existence.


I just found a copy of this, x264 / MP4 / WEB / 854x480, but it is only 176mb so doesn't seem a very reliable copy. I will take a closer look at it and maybe upload later...

here you go
Link to Full Documentary - also on GabTV
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