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How to set your Torrent Client/Seedbox to seed helpfully

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How to set your Torrent Client/Seedbox to seed helpfully

Hey all

I just uploaded a 1.3GB torrent and noticed that shortly after uploading it, 2 people had done a "hit-and-run" - leeched it and stopped seeding.

I have my torrent client set to upload 2 copies at maximum speed and then drop to 10KBps.

This way I pay back to the tracker over time by making sure most things I've downloaded are seeded as long as they are still on my seedbox, even if at a slow speed. I have a separate folder for things I uploaded myself to make sure they are seeded indefinitely.

If anyone would like to know how to do this - here are instructions for rutorrent, they should be very similar for utorrent and maybe other torrent clients.

Go into Settings... if you can't find these options, you need to look at what extensions you have added to utorrent.

Step 1: Go to "Connection" and set overall "Bandwidth Limiting". 327625 is the maximum, maybe you want to set an overall limit if you are using your home connection, but you MUST set something, or the specific bandwidth-limited channels we will set up won't work.

Step 2: Go to "Channels" which is near the end of the list. You need to set a channel to use for your long-term torrents. By default these are called up16 up32 etc.

You can simply use "up16" or "up32", but I took up16 and renamed it "forever_seeding" and set the UL to 10KBps. It's set to 25 now, I'll see how that goes for a while.

At the bottom you can select a Default Channel. Leave that as "Don't set". This will mean that when torrents are initially loaded, they will have no speed limits applied.

Step 3: Finally go to "Ratio Groups". This is the most complicated part.

Pick a ratio group and call it "default_ratio". At the bottom select "Default Ratio group" to make sure all new torrents start with this ratio.

Now put:
Min % = 300
Max % = 301
UL = 20
Time = -1
Action = "Set channel to forever_seeding" this is the magic part.

Remember your default channel was unlimited. With 300% your torrent client will upload to a ratio of 300%, and then perform the action - which is switch to the limited channel.

If you want to set different Ratios for different sites, you can do that. For example I have a members site where I created a ratio group with Time = 360, to make sure things seed for just over 14 days as that is a rule on the site. The ratio group is set when the RSS feed from that site is loaded.


I like to upload my favorite torrents unlimited, forever. That's one of the main reasons I have a seedbox in the first place. So all of my personal torrents are always uploading. I don't think I have any bandwidth restrictions there, although by default public trackers only upload one full copy, but as you point out you can just change the settings.

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