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Do you hear that creaking sound?

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Do you hear that creaking sound?

When you're surfing ConCen, you probably hear creaking. It just got a lot louder. Why? I'm not sure why, but I do know it's because of something YOU did.

Just kidding! Geez. Stop blubbering and wipe your tears.

The real problem is that the code behind the site is getting old. PHP was recently updated to version 8 which deprecated a bunch of functions that Drupal and torrent handling code depends on. I've fixed a couple of the prominent bugs the update generated, but there might be a few lurking that I haven't found...

Please be vigilant. If you spot an error, own your malfeasance, and admit it publicly. We'll forgive you and fix the error after a suitable period of public humiliation. What fun!

I caused the perfect 'weeb' site to malfunction

I was klutzy and broke the old forum archive
.. and anything listed in it appears to be buffooneried as well.

MyBB does not play well with PHP 8.0

I upgraded to PHP 8.0 as a stopgap to delay the retirement of ConCen's current code base. Unfortunately it causes MyBB (which is ancient) to puke a lot. The logs are filled with all sorts of deprecation warnings.

I enabled it again so you can play around with it. Maybe I'll move it off this server onto a smaller one where if it gets pwned damage will be minimal. Or you could. You want to take up the challenge?

UPDATE: It looks like MyBB has an updated version. Maybe I'll upgrade it. Check your PMs.

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