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woohoo good to see you're back =]

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woohoo good to see you're back =]

Hi everyone,

Had to make a new login cos for some reason my old one wouldn't work, pretty much same name.

Been off doing other things mostly for the last year or more but got me new pc now and will be able to come online at least semi regularly again.

Great to see concen still alive and kicking and shiny new to boot.

Was at least a semi-regular back in the early days, not the very beginning, think there's a whole lot I missed in the last couple years I'm looking forward to catching up with it all.

Hope you're all doing well =]


Easy Skanking
Welcome back.

We changed it so that all accounts require a newly created password as a result of the SQL intrusion. The account names can be the same as your old account.

Hey Hey !

I remember you! Very cool that you are back.

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