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Tantura (2022)

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Alon Schwarz’s investigatory film digs into what has been, in Israel (and, for the most part, in the mainstream American media), forbidden territory. The movie is a record of what went on the during the 1948 War of Independence — a much uglier and more brutal story than Israel has ever wanted to acknowledge. “Tantura” includes graphic testimony that comes from the most authoritative sources possible: those who fought the war and lived it — the Palestinians, but also the Israeli soldiers themselves. What we hear on tapes and from some of the soldiers interviewed today is a description of war crimes and ethnic cleansing. Yet the real subject of the film is how the knowledge of Israel’s conduct during the war was suppressed, denied, and covered up in Israel by a counter-mythology. As the film makes clear, these lies are ghosts that have kept coming back to haunt Israel.



wow. very good docco indeed. i wont say what i feel about it as it will just anger the retard woke people that may see it, my comment that is.

'cos I sure will :)

I don't honestly know enough about this history to have a strong opinion on it one way or the other...