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Spam Control & Registering an Account

Although I won't go into details about exactly how we fight spammers, I will say that we reject well over 300 attempts to register fake spam accounts every day. Most are rejected before they can even register, but ~ 75 a day manage to. Because the number is so high, I switched from automatic approval to a requirement for a human to approve an account. If you register and aren't approved, it's because you chose a nonsense username and/or email address, which spammers do since their email accounts are flagged as spammy usually less than 24 hours after they spam a site. They use bots which make up silly email addresses and silly usernames, knowing they have very short usefulness before they are rendered flagged by spam tools.

This brings me to an important question: Do you even need to register?

Anyone can use the site without registering. The only things you can't do is post a comment or upload a torrent.

Since the vast majority (over 99%) of people never upload, or even post comments, why bother registering at all?


nibs wrote:

why bother registering at all?

No need to if you find no will to post/upload as that's the only perk of having an account.
Which is fine... I guess. Unless you actively want more people to register, then implementing perks for attraction would be a good idea.

its done almost everywhere else. help weed out the stupidity. maybe do the same with posting and comments, which i think is done. In the old BBS days, it was a requirement to 1st upload before approval. just a few of my thoughts. do whats best for the site!

agreed with the last comment^^ - do what needs to be done - the ppl who love concern and what it stands for will understand!!