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Colin Wilson books, articles, interviews

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Colin Henry Wilson (26 June 1931 – 5 December 2013) was an English writer, philosopher and novelist. He also wrote widely on true crime, mysticism and the paranormal, eventually writing more than a hundred books.

This collection contains the most comprehensive listing of his online works anywhere. Enjoy!

From Atlantis to the Sphinx is in the genre of Graham Hancock and continues where Fingerprints of the Gods left off.

"The Occult", "Mysteries" and "The Supernatural" are classics in the field.

See contents tab for details. (I guess!)

Detecting Lies and Deceit: Pitfalls and Opportunities (2ndEd, 2008)

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Why do people lie? Do gender and personality differences affect how people lie? How can lies be detected?

Detecting Lies and Deceit provides the most comprehensive review of deception to date. This revised edition provides an up-to-date account of deception research and discusses the working and efficacy of the most commonly used lie detection tools, including:

BBC Our World - Pardon Me, Mr President (2015)

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The War on Drugs in the United States led to a huge increase in America's prison population. For decades, hundreds of thousands of people convicted of even minor drug crimes received long jail terms. President Obama says this has been counter-productive, consigning generations of young people to jail. Under a new presidential clemency initiative thousands of drug offenders can apply for early release.

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