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Perfect Pandemic (forced vaccinations & population reduction)(2008)
10-29-2011, 04:10 PM,
Perfect Pandemic (forced vaccinations & population reduction)(2008)
This is dr. A. True Ott's shocking video lecture Perfect Pandemic (2008) which exposes the plan for a worldwide fake bird flu pandemic and the use of forced vaccinations to inculculate the people with real diseases to achive the globalists' goal of a drastic population reduction. It's an incredible opportunity to comprehend what is being planned by the globalist creed and their New world order to depopulate the whole world to a mere 500 million as stated in the infamous Georgia guidestones. Based on years of research going way down to 1918 flu pandemic to expose the real causes behind this deadly epidemic that killed millions of people. Did you know that the bird flu virus H5N1 is completely benign to humans? It becomes lethal only as consequence of mutation caused by chemical pollution or genetic engineering and soon reverts back to its original benign state if left alone. Was the 1918 flu pandemic (H1N1 influenza virus) really caused by forced vaccinations of American troops coming to aid the French against the Germans? It is truly amazing that soldiers developed signs of influenza right after being vaccinated and put on crammed ships to cross the Atlantic ocean. Their immune systems and health got even worse when they arrived to Spain and began their training to counter gas attacks. It was most surprising that the most victims were healthy young adults (18-34 years of age as were the soldiers), in contrast to most influenza outbreaks, which predominantly affect juvenile, elderly or weakened patients. Did you know that a team of American researchers in 2003 managed to isolate and genetically decode the original H1N1 virus from frozen bodies of the 1918 pandemics? The new vaccine derived from virus is developed in human kidney cells. No wonder that its production facilities (Sanofi Pasteur) are in China as it has the most advanced (and completely legal) human organ harvesting system in the world, operating among prisoners and other undesired persons that the ruling elite find as expendable. Since the flu vaccine is being produced through a government contract which includes a clause that the vaccine cannot be sold on the market, availability of a package insert revealing the culture medium, additional viral strains and a list of preservatives and adjuvants is not accessible to the public. In the last half of the lecture, the former Chinese minister of national defence Chi Hoatian's speech reflecting his Sino-Fascism is presented, declaring outright China's intention to wage biological warfare against the West. It seems that the Chinese power elite are seeking consciously to copy Nazi Germany's drive for expanded living space (Lebensraum policy) by waging war against other nations. How can this be even conceived? Can one nuke half of the world? Certainly not, as the collateral damage would be too great. Imagine an biological agent that has already spawned a pandemic that really killed millions of people 100 years ago. The cleanest method therefore is to surgically remove the population with bioweapons, leaving the land ready for occupation by a Chinese population that is now 1.3 billion and beyond the level of sustainability if we are to believe the official dogma. One can easily see how the globalists are using increasing population growth to pit one nation against another on such notions as running out of land that is especially absurd in China. It's today hard to believe that decades ago Germans fell for the same absurd propaganda that they need more space to live as there are today much more Germans living in roughly the same space as in the period of the Third Reich. Yet it seems that such philosophies always appeal to those "super patriots" who would believe and do anything to "save" their countries even if it means killing millions since "survival" is at stake. Find out how can an artificially created bird or similar flu pandemic act as a cover to throw the targeted population into martial law and initiate forced vaccinations by the WHO or similar world organizations that would in the end depopulate the region as it always turns out later that the lethal agent resides inside vaccines themselves. 2h long. A must see for everyone.

Video specs:
Video codec: divx, 1500 kbps, 720x480, 30 fps
Audio codec: mp3, 128 kbps, 48 kHz, stereo


Please share this video with others, add links on other forums as I don't know many of them.

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