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Stanley Milgram Documentary Collection

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Who knew that Stanley Milgram made documentaries??

I've found three for now. There might be others available elsewhere. I've also included a 2006 Alex Gibney documentary about Milgram.

1962 Obedience
Documents the famous Milgram experiment, which measured the willingness of test subjects to obey authority in ways contrary to their own judgment and conscience.

1972 The City and the Self
This compelling film, combining both art film and documentary techniques, evolved out of the landmark Science magazine article Milgram wrote in 1970 that essentially established the field of urban psychology. In the film, Milgram introduces the concepts of urban overload and selective attention, and delves into the research of social psychologists John Darley and Bibb Latane, who studied New York City in the aftermath of the shocking murder of Kitty Genovese.

1976 Human Aggression
"These teenagers belong to a gang, the Young Skulls," says Milgram at the start of the film, which shows a multicultural group of teenagers wearing colorful clothes with gang insignia. "In this film, we will follow the gang through an ordinary day and see what part aggression plays in the lives of its members."

In another scene, a member of a rival gang, the Blue Angels, encroaches on the Young Skulls' turf, and a scuffle ensues. The leader of the Young Skulls (who may very well have been the inspiration for the gang leader in 1979's Being There) removes the vest of the Blue Angel and spits on it.

In another scene, one of the Young Skulls, who challenges the leader in the hierarchy of the gang, receives a ritual beatdown to put him in his place.


i must say these were really enjoyable to watch. and also sad to see how humanity really is. fascinating watch. i think i am fortunately one of the few. i would post the letter. and if u watch these shows u will know what i mean. thank u for this.