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David Icke The Dot Connector s07e02 (2024.06.14) Looking For A Hero? Look In The Mirror!

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David and Jaymie connect the dots this week, starting with the Saudi Arabian story where they are planning to drop the US dollar for their own currency, which they're going to be using in oil—this will heavily impact the American economy and the overall economies in the West. The desperation for certainty in such uncertain times has created an explosion of interest in religion. Is there more to this than meets the eye? The US presidential elections will also be discussed, especially the fact that all of a sudden Joe Biden is allowed to be criticized, and the obvious senile things he's been doing over the past four years of his presidency are suddenly getting mainstream coverage (clearing the way for Trump?). All this, including some more esoteric gems regading the effects of organ transplants on people's personalities. Tune in for a very fascinating episode!