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The Pyramid: Finding the Truth (2011)

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The Civilization and Pyramids in Europe older than Egyptian? Fiction or Truth? In 2006 Semir Osmanagic, historian and businessman from USA claims there are pyramids in Visoko valley in Bosnia and starts excavations. The scientist and public were surprised and even outraged. In the same valley German scientist excavate since 2002 on a Neolithic civilization named Butmir culture, older then 7000 years. The contradict about the pyramids, the connection to existed civilization, avant-garde figure of US historian, media and politics, as many involved scientists give the matter a constant thrilling. Over four years the documentary fallows main actors on three continents: from Bosnia, Germany to USA and Egypt uncovering the truth about distant past, as well as human factors: passion, jealousy and hypocrisy.

Directors: Said Sefo
Producers: Maida Sefo, Said Sefo
Composers: Asim Haracic
Cinematographers: Said Sefo
Runtime: 1h 34mn
Country: Germany
Language: English