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The Frontier: Ukraine (2018)

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The Frontier: Ukraine is a documentary that follows two independent filmmakers, John Taylor and Elliott Crawford, as they explore the realities of the war in Ukraine. Film documents the human cost of the conflict in Ukraine investigating the subtleties of propaganda and manipulation by government powers to influence public opinion. Shot over several visits to the Ukraine in 2014 and 2015, the film covers an important ongoing story.

The film shows the lives of people in both Ukrainian and pro separatist areas introducing viewers to the complex beliefs and opinions involved with post soviet politics in Ukraine. This documentary seeks to explain the horror of living in a conflict zone and how the real realities of this conflict, that is happening so close to home, are rarely reported. Beside the direct effect on the population film seeks to investigate the power of propaganda in the country used by both sides, and how the people are manipulated by oligarchs and other interested parties to support systems of government that no longer function.

The influence of Russia is also covered with it's strong presence in the country dating back to the turn of the century, many feel allied with Russia despite it's involvement in the escalation of the situation in their country. This film seeks to expose the true realities of a contemporary conflict on Europe's doorstep.

The Frontier: Ukraine also documents the crash of MH17 soon after it was shot down. Film discloses specialist opinion and detailed analysis of footage taken at the MH17 crash site answering some of the disputed questions surrounding the dreadful disaster.

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