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Prisoner of the Prophet (2023)

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The 65th wife of Warren Jeffs exposes Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints secrets.

E01 · The 65th Wife
Jan 30, 2023

Briell details her upbringing in the FLDS polygamist community and explains their way of life; at 18 years old, Briell becomes Warren Jeffs' 65th wife and learns that he is having relationships with his underage brides.

E02 · Blood Atonement
Jan 30, 2023

Briell recounts how she was imprisoned and drugged in a House of Hiding.

E03 · The Escape
Jan 30, 2023

Warren sends Briell back to Short Creek, and she realizes she must escape.

Directors: Pat McGee
Producers: Abby Greensfelder, Gabriel Morris, Kelly Sallaway
Composers: Emilie A. Bernstein, Peter Bernstein
Country: USA
Language: English



I mean, I loved "Book of Mormon"... but it's not really as sexy as NXIVM or Scientology.

I quite enjoyed that TV drama last year with the chick from that thing in it. Under the Banner of Heaven.

Anything new in this? Worth a watch?

"saltaaaaah lakaaaaahh city!!"

I am not too sure, to be honest, usually I just go fishing on PassThePopcorn for recently uploaded documentaries and try to find new or reasonably interesting sounding stuff. I didn't really get the feeling I'd download this one myself, though. It's a 3 part mini-series. Lots of polygamy, looks weird!

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who believe is they do as god does, they will become as god is.
they believe that god lives on the planet colob(sp?) endlessley banging away on a never ending stream of "celestial wives" who have spirit children like Jesus and his brother Lucifer. They believe that is they have many wives and hump away and shit out as many kids as possible then they too can become gods and be given their own planet to populate with spirits.
The golden tablets given to Joseph Smith by the angel Moroni(ROFL) were buried but then taken away by said angel removing the only evidence.. handy eh?
I'll dig out the documentaries I have on the Mormon church. fucking hilarious.
This explains the belief system in under 9 minutes

here's the full doc. Bear in mind that it's made by born again christians but the info is all from ex-mormons who converted and repented yadda yadda and the info is good info. the cartoon partis a fucking gem

Finally the second godmakers doc

Enjoy and try not to piss yerself at the cartoon..... :P

"Be fruitful and multiply" was the absolute worst thing to ever come from the bible...

What strikes me the most is how the majority are so f in the head that they are still loyal to that pedo child fu warren. Even with all the evidence and witnesses these religious f in the head drones still support and protect and try to live for their self proclaimed psychopath prophets.
Brainwashing is the ultimate weapon. No physical weapon comes near brainwashing in comparison. And brainwashing does not stop just at the religious level, it's everywhere. It's used mainly to keep us away from our true power: connecting to our higher self for unlimited knowledge. There is no hiding and lying in the energetic realm. It's all exposed. Scammers hate that. Scammers like aholes creating deceptive organization posing as authority,