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Does anyone know who this guy is?

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Does anyone know who this guy is?

I don't know anything about him apart from this clip, I googled keywords from it but not much comes up apart from the same short clip.

He's talking about there should be 13 28-day months in the year, and that our bodies should vibrate at 432Hz, not 528Hz or 633Hz.


I have never come across him before, but the information he shares reminds me a lot of what people like Jose Arguelles and Carl Calleman were sharing about the Mayan calendar and the whole 2012 phenomenon. It's sort of the idea that our Western civilization is out of sync with the universal flow of time and creation and now we are caught in an evolutionary dead end. Or something to that effect...

432Hz tuning was common and I

432Hz tuning was common and I was told by someone (who said she had researched it heavily), that it was a Rockefeller funded campaign to reset standard tuning at 440Hz, violinists at the time were most displeased at the number of broken strings, and apparently is at dissonance with our natural resonance at the heart chakra which has the effect of pulling us into a left-brain centric world as opposed to the right-brain intuitive which would be the norm. Supposedly.

If you look at the cymatic patterns for 432Hz vs 440Hz the former is quite lovely and the latter is rather scrambled, for what that may be worth.

re calendars. is the place.

His color chronology chart:

his videos will give you an earful on every calendar, dating system there is out there. its his sole life focus for over 25 years.

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