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CBC The Passionate Eye 2019.09.20 Brexit: The Battle for Britain

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With Britain's exit from the EU now set for October 2019, Brexit: The Battle for Britain takes a look at the forces that shaped the current political situation. How did this happen?

On June 23, 2016, Britain was hit by a political earthquake. Within hours of the EU referendum result, the Prime Minister had resigned, the pound was falling, and Parliament in Westminster was reeling. So why did this political revolution happen — and how could it reshape Britain's politics?

In Brexit: The Battle for Britain, BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg tells the inside story of how Prime Minister David Cameron's referendum plan backfired — and Vote Leave won. Talking to the politicians and the organizers who ran the campaigns, she discovers how a perfect storm hit, which would not just end David Cameron's leadership, but reshape Britain's political landscape.