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Hormones in Ageing and Longevity (2017)

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This multi-chapter book focuses on one of the hottest topics in ageing research – the role of hormones in health and longevity, offering a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of their mechanistic roles in health, ageing and longevity.

Hormones are an excellent system of communication between cells and tissues within an organism, and they coordinate a wide range of processes in biological systems, including neuroendocrine and immunological controls. The book offers insights into the latest significant advances in our understanding of the mechanisms of hormonal signaling that control a variety of processes involved in development and ageing.
It is divided into four parts:

  1. includes a review of the hundred-year history of hormones by the illustrious hormone biochemist Dr. J.R. Tata
  2. presents various chapters on the hormones involved in growth, stress and metabolism
  3. addresses the hormones controlling cognition and rhythms in ageing processes
  4. discusses the hormones affecting reproduction, immunity and life span

It also explores the use of hormones as pharmaceuticals to maintain health in the elderly. It is a valuable resource for those working in the area of hormone signaling in general and in the field of ageing research in particular.