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CBC The Fifth Estate s44e13 (20190324) The Soldier and The Survivor; Murder on Cortes Island

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In The Soldier and The Survivor, we meet Ramiro Cristales, who at just five years old witnessed soldiers storm his village and kill members of his family in what would become known as Guatemala's Dos Erres Massacre. In a shocking twist, one soldier named Santos Lopez Alonzo spared Cristales's life and then raised him in a home where Cristales says he was treated like a "slave." Cristales would later be granted asylum in Canada and give testimony that would help put the man who kidnapped him behind bars.


In 2010, a wealthy artist was killed in his home on a remote island in B.C. Nearly a decade later, the mysterious death is now a cold case. Fifth Estate producer Harvey Cashore returns to Cortes Island, a place he calls home, to search for clues in the brutal murder of Stefano Savioli.