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Psychology of Neuroticism and Shame (2010)

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This book reviews the literature on the Big Five and physical and mental health, focusing on neuroticism as the personality risk factor for stress and impaired health and well-being.

This book also examines biological and psychological mechanisms underlying the toxic effect of neuroticism, and possible intervention strategies are discussed. Moreover, whether individuals with neurotic traits are more prone to use information and communication technology are considered, as well as the potential to develop addictions to technology. In addition, Eriksonian identity formation in emerging adulthood is analysed, with a special emphasis on how the unique epigenetic struggles of this developmental period may lead to experiences of neuroticism and anxiety. Moreover, numerous researchers suggest the experience of shame is linked to aggressive behaviour.

In this book, prisoner self-narratives are explored to determine whether the presence of shame in their identity influenced their involvement in confrontations. Whether shaming has something to do with psychiatric health is discussed as well. In addition, the utility of self-determination theory (SDT) in understanding the experience of shame and the effects of being motivated by shame avoidance is explored. Key constructs and mechanisms from SDT that explain the adaptive and maladaptive effects of shame experience and shame avoidance on behaviour are also identified and discussed.