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CBC The Fifth Estate s44e12 (2019.03.03) Reconciliation Betrayed: The Horrors of St. Anne's; The Defectors

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The Defectors
Many people claim credit for helping Rahaf Mohammed prepare to escape Saudi Arabia and eventually make her way to Canada. But there's little talk about the secret society involved, to which Rahaf gave a public face. It’s a network of young women who’ve only met online, but some of whom have made the courageous decision to put their lives in each others’ hands. Their shared goal: to plan a dangerous, one-way journey to escape from Gulf Arab states — where laws, culture or both put their lives in the hands of men. For many members of this network, Canada is a preferred destination.


Reconciliation Betrayed: The Horrors of St. Anne’s
St. Anne’s Indian Residential School in Northern Ontario was a place of horrific abuse and crimes against children that occurred over decades. For years, records detailing the abuse, especially the sexual assaults, were hidden from survivors who needed them for their compensation claims. But The Fifth Estate has obtained thousands of those very documents which expose the fuller picture of the abuse than was previously acknowledged.