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CBC The Passionate Eye (2018.12.22) Modern Royals

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Modern Royals explores how prince William and Kate and prince Harry and Meghan have modernized the British royal family. Featuring interviews with royal correspondents and journalists, the documentary shows how these young royals are living their lives their way.

From speaking candidly about mental health to public displays of affection, this generation of royals has breathed new life into an institution once considered old and out of touch. William and Kate have broken with tradition and had their third baby. Prince Harry has married American actress Meghan Markle. It’s an exciting time for the royal family as it undergoes this transformation.

With expert interviews from Ken Wharfe, Dickie Arbiter, Katie Nichols, Nick Ede and Brittany Bagnall Modern Royals looks at the ways these young royals have bridged the gap between the royal family and the public making them more accessible and more in touch than ever before.