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zero-point (2014) classified antigravity ufos

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zero-point (2014) classified antigravity ufos Featuring Mark McCandlish and the Fluxliner. For those who want a story of intrigue, secrets, and technology. Military-aeronautical Illustrator M. McCandlish was riding the wave of success making images of classified projects for the military-industrial complex. Then he made a drawing of a top secret project that he wasn't supposed to know about. What I was able to find regarding this video → Purportedly James Allen made this video and thereafter died of radio isotope poisoning, which is about as suspicious as it gets - and a commonality among victims of assassination over the past few decades. Is this "proof" that he was murdered. No. But many a man has done life in prison when there was no "proof" - only a jury of 12 peers. Detailed information on the history, physics and technological mechanisms regarding faster-than-light travel, anti-gravity, and zero-point energy is also covered in detail. ebooks Anti Gravity UFO Saucer Propulsion by Wesley Bateman.pdf Antigravity The Dream Made Reality.pdf How to Build a UFO Propulsion System Using Electromagnetic Force Field.pdf Practical Guide to the Use of Scalar Energy.pdf Secrets of Aether.pdf Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion.pdf SS Brotherhood of the Bell - Joseph P Farrell.pdf The SS Brotherhood of the Bell.pdf The Ultimate Reality Vol 1.pdf The Ultimate Reality Vol 2.pdf Troward - Hidden Power.pdf Wartz - Secret Black Projects of the New World Order 1998.pdf text Ball Lightning Explained.pdf Free Energy by Help of Centrifugal Forces.pdf Haunebu Units.pdf Homopolar generator.pdf MAGF VORTEX Antigravity Technology by Russian Scientists.pdf OTC X1 Plans.pdf UFO Coils.pdf UFO Propulsion.pdf UFO Technology Hackers Manual.pdf UFO Technology Ion Propulsion.pdf US2003-0209637 UFO Maxwellian Electrostatic Propulsion System.pdf US3322374 Magnetohydrodynamic propulsion apparatus.pdf VTA Vacuum Triode Amplifier Construction by Floyd A Sweet.pdf tags: UFOs, gravity, antigravity, technology, zeropoint, aether, scalar, propulsion, saucer
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