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Wilhelm Reich - The Function of the Orgasm (1947) audiobook

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Wilhelm Reich - The Function of the Orgasm (1947) audiobook

The discovery of the orgone was the result of the consistent, clinical application of the concept of "psychic energy," initially in the field of psychiatry. The present volume can be considered an extensive introduction to the newly opened field of orgone biophysics. The results of biophysical and physical research since 1934 were set forth in special treatises in the International Journal for Sex-economy and Orgone Research (1942-45). In the near future, they will be collected and published as Volume II, under the title The Cancer Biopathy. It has been clearly shown that knowledge of the emotional functions of biological energy is indispensable for the understanding of its physical and physiological functions. The biological emotions which govern the psychic processes are themselves the direct expression of a strictly physical energy, the cosmic orgone. The second edition of this book appears unchanged. --New York, February 1947, W. R.

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book: Wilhelm Reich - The Function of the Orgasm (1947).pdf - 206 pages, full edition

comment: This work by Reich is related to psychosexual mind control done in the Montauk Project. Reich had been tricked into working for a government mind control project believing he was helping to deprogram people. The Orgone energy discovered by Reich is nothing else than the well known energy of Kundalini - well established in Indian Yoga since ancient times. The Reichian concept of blocked Orgone energy is nothing else than blocked Kundalini energy because of closed down chakras due to psychological issues. Whether ancient Indian scriptures had been studied by Reich is not known. It is strange that Reich had been jailed with the argument that Orgone doesn't exist, considering that most judges in the United States of America are Masons and considering that most high-degree Masons are quite familiar with the theories and practices of Kundalini Yoga or its western occult equivalent.

Technical: Creating this audiobook was very difficult. I had to use a different OCR software (ABBYY FineReader) to analyze the entire book and extract its text. A significant number of OCR errors had to be corrected by hand. However there are still quite a few errors left. I sincerely hope that the reader appreciates this effort and will be satisfied with its outcome.