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What have been your most "illuminating" bits of media?

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What have been your most "illuminating" bits of media?

One of the best documentaries laying waste to the NASA Apollo moon landing hoax is A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon (2001), very well researched, produced, top flight.

Back in the day Alex Jone's Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove let me get a look inside someplace I would never have the opportunity.

Another that I like, for her deep research with just a touch of snark is Janet Ossebard's Fall of the Cabal series, and she's up the part 12 on the sequel and still going.

What are some other titles that have really had an impact, shattered your illusions?

Oh my god

Fall of the Cabal is full of stuff that’s easily proven fake.

List may be even bigger

I Ching
Plato - Republic
Sun Tzu's The Art Of War
The 48 Laws of Power
Crime and Punishment
The Book of Five Rings by Musashi Miyamoto
Brzezinski, Zbigniew - Between Two Ages, America's Role in the Technetronic Era
John Coleman any book
Judge Dale articles
Iserbyt, Charlotte Thomson - Deliberate Dumbing Down of America
John Taylor Gatto any book
Debt The First 5,000 Years (Updated and Expanded Edition) David Graeber
Anatomy of the State Murray Rothbard
Peter Turchin any book
Richard Nicolaus Coudenhove Kalergi Practical Idealism
bureaudetudes maps
Andrew M. Lobaczewski - Political Ponerology
Civilian Morale Watson
HYPNOSIS by G.A. Estabrooks
Shaping of psychiatry by war
Christopher Hadnagy any book
David Lieberman any book
Daniel Goleman any book
Dotsenko Psychology of manipulation
Robert B. Cialdini any book
The invention of the jewish people Shlomo Sand
The Law by Frédéric Bastiat
Alexander Drake The Invention of Religion
The Biology of Belief - Bruce H. Lipton
Richard Dawkins any book
Gershom Scholem any book
The Roman Piso family and Christianity
Anatol Rapoport and Albert M. Chammah Prisoner's Dilemma
Desmond Morris any book
Jon Rappoport - The Secret Behind Secret Societies
Rabbi Marvin Antelman To Eliminate The Opiate
Robin De Ruiter any book
Fritz Springmeier any book
Larken Rose any book
Yuval Noah Harari any book

Thank you for the excellent

Thank you for the excellent list. I have started in on the Bookshelf. It is a work in progress, I have quite a bit more to upload.

@zoopenhoff lol, Ossebard has put out many hours of media, some that's very probably true - where specifically can you throw her under the bus?

Ewaranon's "The Lost History

Ewaranon's "The Lost History of Flat Earth part FULL (1-7)" (at Youtube covers a lot - much more than FE.

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