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Weaponization of Public Health, Human Futures Trading, Authentic Spiritual Activism

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Weaponization of Public Health, Human Futures Trading, Authentic Spiritual Activism

COVID & the Weaponization of Public Health, Human Futures Trading, Authentic Spiritual Activism

Alison McDowell is an independent researcher and mom who writes about the intersection of technology and predatory philanthropy at Her work provides extraordinary context to the multitude of manufactured crises presently being justified by the response to "COVID." In this exclusive livestreamed interview, Sayer Ji dives deep into both the unprecedented problems facing us today, and solutions that thought-leaders like Alison are fast bringing to light.

Alison's topic overview: "The global economy runs on debt finance, extraction, and war. It forces the masses to navigate poisoned environments and gig-economy employment. Living under such stress has profound negative consequences for our physical and mental health, our relationships with our friends and family. Everything is out of balance, and the billionaire class uses that to its advantage. Corporations sell us "solutions" in the form of disease management and workforce-reskilling that never solve the problems they've made for us. Now we face the dawning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The elite who gather at the World Economic Forum in Davos each January have embraced automation, artificial intelligence, sensor networks, quantum computing, synthetic biology, and bioengineering as the means remake our precious Earth as a planetary computer, a technocratic nightmare. What is coming is not simply about forced medical procedures, Big Pharma profit, and vaccine injury. It's really about remaking humans as cyborgs through the use of internal biosensor networks that will tie us not only into a global biometric surveillance program, but also burgeoning bond markets in speculative human capital.

Many researchers understand this and have spoken in depth of the nature of the biosensors, surveillance, Agenda 21 and the shift to digital currency. What needs more discussion, in my opinion, is the ways in which these technologies are going to be used to create global markets trading in human capital futures, framed as ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) investment and "pay for success" finance tied to outcomes-based government contracts. The biometric health passports being rolled out by the Commons Project in response to Covid are the key to unlocking these markets, which will run on data extracted from what the WEF calls "The Internet of Bodies." Essentially the world's billionaires hope to get us to code into reality a global open-air prison run by satellite constellation and 5/6G where we can be risk-profiled and geo-fenced in real time in relation to behavioral programs framed out by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Primary points of data extraction for the human capital bond markets are education/training; smart housing; and health, including behavioral health. "Health" is United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3 and telemedicine and wearable and internal biosensors are central to this program in which investors will place bets on our compliance to imposed "self improvement" programs framed as "preventative care."

In this conversation I plan to outline this overall program and share relationship maps I've created to show how the adoption of electronic health records (soon to be on blockchain), value-based payments, and the use of "pay for success" finance in public health have the potential to turn our bodies, our clothes, our meals, our homes, our parks into an oppressive "soft" carceral state. Healers of body and spirit who attempt to operate outside this program are at risk, because a model that seeks to cure illness is not welcome in the world of data-driven disease management. The stakes will be even higher now that practitioners of The Impact Management Project, the world's 2,000 largest asset holders, have a stake in how you manage yourself. Social prescribing, QR codes, leaderboards, gamification... No one is going to tell that if single-payer rolls out, it will likely come with fit-bits and brainwave monitoring headbands to ensure we log our mindfulness points so Goldman Sachs gets paid. Of course someone might be betting you're a lazy, non-compliant patient. There are those who will be happy to "short' your position, too.

But this is not all a forgone conclusion. Don't despair. The answer, I think, lies in seeking to restore a spiritual balance. It must come from a heart space that will never be contained on a data dashboard. By seeking authentic connection to our fellow humans and nature and looking to the struggle of children of the earth, those who were eliminated by genocide and forced into slavery. It is their stories we must look to in these times. We must channel that resistance and proceed from a place of strong spirit for justice. In the end I believe the creator will not allow the sacred to fall to the profane."

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